Digital Medicine Technologies for Mental Health & Stress Management: Video

Mental health and stress management are one of the biggest challenges to the future of global healthcare, with mounting evidence that mental health problems have become even more prevalent since the pandemic. During lockdown, services turned to digital, switching from in-person help to a range of digital services, such as patient-to-clinician platforms, digitally-enabled treatments, mental health and wellbeing apps, chatbots, and social support networks. But it can be difficult to establish which digital technologies for mental health are suitable and safe to use.

In this Digimed TV Broadcast, ORCHA’s Business Development Director, George Kowalski, discusses how digital technologies can address some of these needs and challenges without placing additional burdens on public health services and/or other health stakeholders. George also looks at the quality of health and care apps for mental health and explains how ORCHA’s services provide quality assurance to health and care organizations and professionals. The Digimed TV guests also share their experiences of a variety of solutions, ranging from mobile phone applications and wearables to immersive experiences linked to biometric feedback.

Listen to George’s video presentation here from 45:31.