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Virtually all healthcare organizations have a one to three year digital strategy in place. But more than half have not yet delivered their plan.

80% FAIL

Only 20% of digital health products meet quality thresholds. Our Review assesses products against 350+ criteria across Clinical Assurance, Data Privacy, and Usability & Accessibility.

24×7 SAFE

ORCHA brings a validated and consistent process for selecting safe digital partners.


We curate only the best digital health products into a library to help a health plan achieve its engagement goals.

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Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence services give payers new and exclusive insights in this rapidly evolving market, helping you to make informed digital health program and product decisions.

ORCHA holds the world’s largest data set for digital health. It combines a weekly AI web scrape of 365,000 products, categorized across multiple domains, with a live database of 17,000 digital health product assessments against 350+ measures.

This gives you access to unique market insights to help discover the digital health opportunities in each therapeutic area.

Our research team, consisting of data scientists, health economic researchers, and a team of 20 clinical specialists, works with you to not only interrogate the raw data, but build a deeper examination of the market to answer your questions.

Reviews and Accreditations

Healthcare is in the middle of a digital revolution, yet the digital health market is unregulated, with 80% of products not meeting standards.

We assess digital solutions to ensure safety and compliance with your specific members’ needs, and support digital solutions to reach the benchmark of quality and gain independent certification against known standards from across Europe and North America, such as NHS DTAC, ISO 82304-2, US Digital Health Assessment Framework, and DiGA.

Our agile end-to-end technology allows us to identify, review and certify digital health technology at unmatched speed, 5,000x faster than anyone. It also means we can rapidly re-review a product after it has been updated. We assess apps against the Digital Health Assessment Framework, accurately and rapidly.

This enables us to continuously pinpoint the best digital health products on the market that are safe, accredited, compliant and meet your needs.

Digital Health Libraries

How do you engage your members with safe and effective digital health?

ORCHA helps health plans de-risk their digital health strategy and curate a Library of digital health solutions that helps members, employers and providers find the right solution at the right time.

Develop value-added benefits for members through a partnership with ORCHA. Help your members find digital solutions through a trusted Digital Health Library from the largest set of approved apps, covering thousands of unique technologies.

Develop a digital offering to members quickly, easily and cost-effectively, providing greater value and new commercial opportunities.

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