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Digital Health Assessment Framework

The Digital Health Assessment Framework is an open framework, accessible for anyone to use, to support the adoption of high-quality digital health technologies and help healthcare professionals and patients in the US to make better-informed decisions about which digital health tools best suit their needs.

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ORCHA Review

The ORCHA Review is a robust digital health assessment that underpins a large proportion of the world’s national and regional digital accreditation models.

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Our technology certifies your digital health product at unmatched speed and accuracy. Our subscription ensures you remain compliant after every product update.


We can help certify you quickly against all relevant standards, such as DTAC, to speed up procurement and to generate trust in your product.


We enable healthcare professionals to find your solution through inclusion in our Digital Health Libraries.


We ensure you remain complaint by scanning new upgrades and any changes to standards.


We provide insights and understanding of international markets for growth and compliance.


American Telemedicine Association Partners with ORCHA to Launch US Digital Health Framework

The American Telemedicine Association worked with ORCHA in the development of the new US digital health assessment framework to enable healthcare providers, insurers, and employers to give patients access to safe and effective health apps.

ORCHA’s automated, intelligent review engine allows healthcare organisations to assess thousands of apps against more than 350 measures, in order to build and manage a health app program.

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