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ORCHA is at the forefront of digital health. Trusted by health and care organizations, professionals, app developers and populations across the world, we determine, deliver and distribute quality assured digital health solutions.

Whether you’re a health and care organization, professional, national body or app developer looking to find and distribute great health and care apps, ORCHA can help make digital health work for you. Our solutions are trusted by more than 100 health and care organisations across 11 countries, and there are thousands of assessed apps in our Health App Library (and growing). Read on to discover how ORCHA can help you achieve your digital health goals.


Our Review includes clinical assurance, data privacy, and usability standards and regulations.


We provide transparency on the quality of digital health solutions.


Our Health App Libraries support populations across the globe.


Professionals use ORCHA to prescribe apps directly to service users.

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Support your staff to provide better care and outcomes for patients

But the wrong technology decision can bring significant risk to patient safety, IT security and governance. Yet, in a field of thousands of products, ever changing regulations, avoiding this takes time and expertise. Outsource your digital health decisions to ORCHA, to:

– Minimise risk exposure

– Save time

– Access expertise (so increase the confidence in decision)

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Focus on wellness without the rising pressure of increasing costs

ORCHA delivers the core infrastructure needed to deliver and de-risk digital health plans for both government and commercial payers.

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Using digital health to strengthen relationships and build trust

From patient support programs to digital therapeutics, ORCHA offers new ways to increase drug adherence, educate and build relationships with patients, and maintain trust.

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Improve productivity and retention with digital tools

We know how difficult it is to recruit and retain staff. It’s now time to focus on deploying high quality digital support and virtual care solutions that are tailored to the needs of your staff.


Gain new members and retain your current ones more effectively

Health Associations want to maintain or grow their membership and add as much value as possible. Safe and high quality digital health tools can bring additional revenue streams to any healthcare association.

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Increase the appeal of any digital health tool you build for your target customers.  

Digital health developers are engineering the next wave of digital solutions that will take us to the next level. Implementing good build standards for your application will help you achieve your goals more effectively and quickly

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Health ventures

Select the right products for optimal results

Innovation and technology drive better healthcare outcomes, but start-up companies need investments to grow. Institutional capital entities need effective ways to assess safety, quality, and efficacy to make the most appropriate investments.  

What our clients say

“By working with ORCHA to create an online platform of apps that are safe for our young people to use, we know that we can encourage more young people to reach out for help, and, therefore, we can save more young lives.”

– Lisa Roxby, Papyrus Prevention of Young Suicide

What our clients say

“ORCHA helps us to break down the barriers around digital health. Partnering with ORCHA is helping to build the trust with clinical teams through education and awareness. It also saves a great deal of time in horizon scanning.”

– Crystal Dennis, Our Dorset Digital

What our clients say

“ORCHA has helped us to hone down the very many apps that are out there, to those that are really applicable in our environment.”

– Rachel Dunscombe, Director of Digital, Salford Royal Group

What our clients say

“Using apps in addition to therapy means patients might not need to come into hospital quite so often, and it will help them to progress.”

– Hannah Silcock, Occupational Therapist, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

What our clients say

“Having something like ORCHA is a gamechanger because you can direct patients towards apps that will support the clinical information that you’re giving them.”

– Dr Devender Roberts, LMS Chair and Clinical Lead for O&G for the W&CP

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Our team of clinical and digital experts continually monitor and ask questions about digital health developments, providing impartial and up-to-date insights which can be accessed in our reports, brochures and opinion pieces.

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