We are delighted to announce that ORCHA services have now been approved on the Government’s G-Cloud 10 portal. 


ORCHA approved as a Government Supplier on G-Cloud 10

Government Purchasing Framework Approves Health App Services

We are delighted to announce that ORCHA services have now been approved on the Government’s G-Cloud 10 portal. This means any central government, local council, NHS Trust, or public-sector body can purchase ORCHA services and be assured to receive pre-approved commercial arrangements that represent quality and offer value for money.

ORCHA Services on G-Cloud that will help public sector organizations to safely unlock the potential Health Apps offer include:

Local engagement microsites – To drive uptake of health apps and target specific communities in your region, we provide locally branded and tailored microsites featuring a library of evaluated apps that meet the health challenges and demographics in your region.

Pro Account App Prescription service – To help bring health apps safely into practice, we’ve developed a tool to enable health and care professionals to prescribe health apps. More than 60% of recipients act on an App recommendation from a pro. This service helps you to unlock this potential.

Please find ORCHA on the G-Cloud at https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/services/492088287366157.