The Organization for the Review of Care and Health Apps

Delivering safe digital health

Digital health brings new possibilities to grow, transform and innovate. The right digital health decisions will help achieve your goal, be it to reduce readmissions, increase staffing productivity or improve patient satisfaction.

But the wrong technology decision can bring significant risk to IT security, patient safety and governance. And, in a field of thousands of products, ever changing regulations, avoiding this takes time and expertise.

Organizations around the world choose to partner with the Organization for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) to safely access the opportunities digital health offers. Our turnkey end-to-end system helps organizations to safely and successfully achieve deliver safe digital health.

Who we work with

Since 2015, organizations have trusted our technology to deliver digital health safely


Deploy high-quality digital support and virtual care solutions that are tailored to the needs of all frontline workers


Ensure your digital health programs are best in class, and continuously meet the needs of those you serve

Pharmaceutical and life sciences

Increase drug adherence, educate and build relationships with patients, and maintain trust


Deploy high quality digital support and virtual care solutions, tailored to the needs of your staff


Create digitally enabled, satisfied members while improving your revenue stream


Make safe and confident decisions about digital health technologies, save time and money, and build better tools

Health ventures

Assess safety, quality, and efficacy to make the most appropriate investments